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Spectrum Financial Alliance Ltd., L.L.C. is the successor corporation of Buckley Financial Advisory Ltd., L.L.C., which was founded in April of 1995 as a diversified asset management and financial planning practice. With the addition of highly qualified professionals in the areas of risk management, estate planning, employee benefits, and financial planning, the corporate name was changed solely to reflect the broader and more comprehensive nature of the services we provide in all areas of our practice.    




 Spectrum Financial Alliance

 Traditional Stock Broker

 Fiduciary Standard

Suitability Standard

 Put Client's Best Interest First 100% of the Time

 Utilize financial products

 Zero Commissions

Receive Commissions

 Fee-Only Compensation

Can have fee-based compensation and receive additional 12-b-1 fees 

 Always put the Clients' Interests above our own

Incentives to put their own interest first

 Higher Standard of Loyalty and Care to the Client

Lower standard of Loyalty and Care to the Client 

 Provide Ongoing Financial Advice & Investment Portfolio Management

 Sell Financial Products

 Full Disclosure of Fees

 Can Impose Hidden Fees





 "For nearly 30 years, I've had the privilege of helping clients build financial security, grow their assets, provide for their children's education, and secure their retirement income. Our process involves carefully analyzing each client's individual circumstances, designing a portfolio that 'fits' their goals and objectives, monitoring and managing client assets in all market environments, and adhering to our firm's guiding principle - The Golden Rule. We intend to delight our clients in helping manage their financial assets and providing real solutions that make a positive difference in each person's life." 

-C. Kelly Buckley, MBA, CFP® 

Founder of Spectrum Financial Alliance Ltd., L.L.C.
Managing Principal, Managing Director for Asset Management